Newfangled works with independent agencies to lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to lead development web platforms for their clients.


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December 5, 2013  by Christopher
A few weeks ago, I spoke at the HOW Interactive Design Conference in Chicago. As a member of the Advisory Board, I’ve helped to shape the programming of this conference for the last three years. We’ve learned a ton, and I saw many of those learnings applied in this year’s event. It was definitely the strongest one yet — a great location, a great crowd, and fantastic content. One of the talks I gave was on usability testing, which I’d like to share with you below. As you’ll see in the agenda, a big portion of it involved doing live usability testing from stage. At some point, I think HOW will release video of this. In the meantime, I’ll provide a few big takeaways from a couple of the tests we ran...   more

November 13, 2013  by Christopher
2013 is dying, and so it's time to commemorate it again in the form of giftable pulp. That means another mixbook! This one makes number five in a row. Each one has been an experiment, and so there are a few new details in this one that I'm excited for you to discover. You can't buy this book, though. It's a gift, not a product. I've printed a limited number of copies and will be solemnly distributing it to the members of our secret cabal in the next few weeks. If you'd like to join us, contact me and we'll begin initiation rites. More details inside...   more

October 28, 2013  by Christopher
“Months would be nice.” That’s what Andrew Slavitt replied when asked how much time would have been necessary to properly test the Affordable Care Act website before launching it earlier this month. As it turned out, they were only given two weeks...   more

October 20, 2013  by Christopher
This past Saturday I had the honor of closing out this year's Entrepreneur Mindshare at my alma mater, the Rhode Island School of Design. It was a true pleasure to be a part of this event, which included brilliant minds, lots of ideas, and some beautiful enthusiasm. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive of my involvement, because I've never really thought of myself as an entrepreneur. But as I've explored the idea, I have come to realize that entrepreneurship isn't just about ownership — of ideas, of companies, or anything else, for that matter — but about enacting change. When it comes down to it, entrepreneurs want to enact change and have an impact, which is something that can be done by starting something completely new, or by revitalizing something that already exists. My experience has certainly been in the latter. Here are my thoughts on that...   more

October 8, 2013  by Christopher
Have you ever stopped to consider the value of an idea? Maybe you haven't — at least not specifically — but I bet you have a sense for that value, and I bet that sense is inflated. Or, in other words, your ideas are probably not as valuable as you think they are. They're certainly not as unique...   more

September 23, 2013  by Christopher
One of the greatest gifts of maturity is learning how to say I Don't Know. Contrary to our expectations, the frequency with which we find ourselves saying these words increases as we age. But as we age we learn more things! you say. Yes. Sort of. But one of the "things" we learn is just how little we know about other things. We discover the tips of many icebergs, but time forces us to only plumb the depths of some. And that's another truth that keeps us saying I Don't Know — specialization. The time we spend developing deep knowledge in one area is time we don't spend developing deep knowledge in another. So as we age, we exchange saying I Don't Know less about one subject for saying it a whole lot more about everything else. The more you know, the less you know...   more

August 26, 2013  by Christopher
Timing is something I've been thinking about since I read Doug Rushkoff's book, Present Shock, which is about — among other things — the disorienting power of technology, particularly on our perception of time and timing. Doug has been all over the airwaves talking about this latest book, but a particular interview he did for an episode of To The Best of Our Knowledge really caught my attention...   more

August 15, 2013  by Christopher
Today I joined Blair Enns as a guest for a Win Without Pitching webcast on the future of content marketing. I spoke for a little over half an hour, which I've transcribed below and made nice for reading. (Long reading, I should say. This beast is almost 6,000 words, which should take you about 25 minutes to read. Pour some coffee. Find a nice chair.) Afterward, Blair and I chatted and took questions for a bit, which is not included below. I did include some thoughts on that portion at the end of the transcription...   more

August 8, 2013  by Christopher
"We are, each of us, largely responsible for what gets put into our brains." It's an interesting notion, isn't it? It's certainly easy to say, especially if we're being prescriptive. But maybe being prescriptive is too easy. It leads us down unnecessarily judgmental paths, assigning "good" and "bad" in ways that might be suitable for us, right now, but not for everyone at all times. Take the internet, for example. Access to it can lead to decadence or edification. Ultimately, it's a neutral doorway. But the experience beyond it — and its qualitative measure — is entirely up to us. Another way of looking at it is this: We get to choose the voices in our heads...   more

August 6, 2013  by Christopher
Just because you don't speak the language doesn't mean you don't know anything. Judging someone's intelligence by their ability to communicate with you on your terms is an unfair — but sadly very common — practice. We do it to each other all the time. In fact, did you know that language barriers represent one of the most common biases in intelligence testing? On a smaller scale, any time you assume someone will know what you are talking about, you run the risk of being wrong. Whose job is it to fix that?   more

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