Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.


March 14, 2014  by Lindsey
Newfangled has been talking a lot recently about Lead Development Ecosystems, which consist of a conversion-focused website, a marketing automation tool, and a customer relationship management tool. I want to focus on the third part of the ecosystem: the CRM. We recommend Salesforce to our clients; it’s the most widely adopted CRM on the market, and it integrates with just about anything you can think of. Often, our clients purchase a Salesforce license but never manage to get their CRM implementation off the ground. Salesforce is an enterprise-level tool, with the ability to scale for massive implementations. It’s chock-full of functionality. But never fear: you don’t need to understand everything Salesforce can do in order to use it successfully.   more

March 12, 2014  by Dave
These days, pretty much every site we build has some sort of mobile consideration. In the process, we’ve learned a lot about what makes a mobile browsing experience work. Specifically, we’ve worked pretty hard to make sure our sites are as fast as possible for all users, including those on mobile devices. More so than any particular technical challenge, this has proved to be one of the trickiest aspects of mobile website development, and one that continues to be a constant learning experience for us.   more

March 10, 2014  by Anna
There's nothing fun about finding bugs on your website. While we strive to diagnose and fix issues as quickly as possible, our developers usually need to know more than "X or Y isn't working" in order to do so. There are a few things in particular that our developers usually need to know in order to diagnose a bug, and these are the things we’re likely to come back and ask you about if you haven’t already provided them. So, to ensure we can help you as quickly as possible, here's a pre-contact, self-diagnosis routine to help guide you in reporting problems.    more

March 7, 2014  by Justin
Last summer, Newfangled was hired to develop a new website platform for Merge Records, an established indie music label headquartered in Durham, NC. Read about some of the challenges that arose during the design process and how we tackled them.   more

March 3, 2014  by Chris
If you're using marketing automation software, then you have no excuse for not running A/B tests on every email that you send out. There’s no need for screen-capture software or in-person testing; it’s a built-in function of most every marketing automation and email delivery tool. And, at very low cost in terms of time and money, you're sure to yield some pretty interesting insights that will help you refine your email marketing efforts moving forward.    more

February 27, 2014  by Mark
Right now, I'm supposed to be on a plane to Hawaii, where I'll be staying at a spectacular resort. I'm supposed to speak to a group of 40 agencies who are part of the Magnet Agency Network, a group I've wanted to speak to for years. I'm one of only two speakers; the other is a Senior Editor at Wired. My expenses are covered, I'm getting paid well in addition, and I'm willing to bet that this is going to have a considerable impact on Newfangled's business over the course of the next three years. This sounds like a dream scenario, and two weeks ago it was. Now, though, I've got a 10-week-old baby in the hospital who's been there for eight days and counting. What to do? The answer may seem obvious — family first — but as a business owner, it's not always quite so cut and dried.   more

February 27, 2014  by Tema
Newfangled produces a lot of content of each month. I mean, really — a lot. That’s been the case for a long time, but we’ve recently experienced a pretty significant jump in output. Let me quantify that a little more concretely. Last month (January 2014), we published a whopping 20,000 words of content comprised of one newsletter, one case study, and ten blog posts. How on earth does a company of our size (there are about twenty of us on staff), with exactly zero full-time, dedicated writers manage to produce that much content? Well, we recently made some pretty significant changes in how we manage our content strategy. The payoff has been increased output and a more sustainable model. Here's what we've done to increase production by 85% and get more efficient, too...   more

February 26, 2014  by Mario
Every site we build begins with the NewfangledCMS. This sophisticated core of code is customized to meet each client’s specific needs, and it handles the vast majority of each website’s function. But most every site we build also includes at least one or two integrations with other software products or services that complement or augment the functionality found in the CMS. We connect the CMS with these third-party systems using Application Programming Interfaces, also called APIs. This article explains what an API is and also talks about what the developer needs in order to successfully complete an API integration.    more

February 24, 2014  by Christopher
Amazon already has your customer in their store. Your customer is already browsing their aisles. Amazon will beat you, not because they have a better store than you, but because they have a bigger store than you. They sell enough things to already have your customer’s attention. It doesn’t matter if they came in to buy socks, if they’re at all likely to buy your thing, Amazon will have an easier time selling it to them because they are already there. So what do we do? Give up? Not just yet...   more

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