Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.


March 16, 2012  by Justin
Last month, I outlined some general principals for styling your website content and emphasized that how your content looks on the page is as important as the written words. This month, I’ll suggest some ways to incorporate quality imagery into your...   more

March 7, 2012  by Mark
This video was shot at Fearrington Village in Chapel Hill, NC, on the first day of the semi-annual Bell Buckle Conference. In preparing for the conference (which we were lucky enough to host), I was slightly overwhelmed with how happy I am that Newfangled chose to focus on working with advertising and creative agencies to build conversion-focused websites. Being a part of Bell Buckle is a great privilege, and one of the many observable conditions of this focus we've been able to be so successful with.    more

February 29, 2012  by Adam
While reading countless lawn mower reviews online researching which model to buy, I had one of those "What would I have done before the internet?" moments. My dad had a Lawn Boy mower growing up that is still running so that's a strong endorsement. I spotted two of my neighbors with Lawn Boys, so I would have talked to them to validate my dad's testimonial. If I still wasn't convinced, the Home Depot associate telling me that they sell more Lawn Boys than any other mower would have sealed the deal. This is what social validation looked like before the internet.   more

February 24, 2012  by Christopher
Today I had the privilege of speaking to a seminar on emerging technologies in global public health at UNC's School of Public Health. Needless to say, public health is not exactly my area of expertise, but I was asked to focus more on how the internet and mobile devices are being used so that the graduate students attending could begin to think about how technological progress affects their work...   more

February 24, 2012  by Mark
Here's a light Friday afternoon video blog post on a topic I've been marveling at lately--making money both from and for marketing. Sounds odd, doesn't it? Hopefully I'm able to make sense of it in the video.    more

February 21, 2012  by Mark
Many agencies try to communicate with their clients about what kind of website they plan to build using absolutely any means possible other than the web. They make site maps and wireframes using sticky notes, PDFs, spreadsheets, power point presentations, binders full of paper   more

February 17, 2012  by Lindsey
Mark's first book, A Website that Works, was released in June. Since then, I've been in charge of book orders. To date, I've sent out almost 400 books, so thought it'd be cool to map out all the different places the book has shipped to. 380 books, 39 states, 10 countries!    more

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