Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.


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March 27, 2014  by Chris
You've taken the plunge and made the investment in purchasing marketing automation software. Now you have all of these tools at your disposal but are unsure where to begin. The good news is that if you keep a few key principles in mind to focus your efforts in the right places, then you should see success in no time!   more

March 3, 2014  by Chris
If you're using marketing automation software, then you have no excuse for not running A/B tests on every email that you send out. There’s no need for screen-capture software or in-person testing; it’s a built-in function of most every marketing automation and email delivery tool. And, at very low cost in terms of time and money, you're sure to yield some pretty interesting insights that will help you refine your email marketing efforts moving forward.    more

February 10, 2014  by Chris
As a follow-up post to last week's look at why marketing automation implementations can fail, I wanted to highlight another common recipe for failure - having great robust marketing automation tools, but not knowing how to use them and not having the proper training and guidance to use the effectively.   more

February 3, 2014  by Chris
I recently read that three out of five marketing automation implementations fail. Three out of five! That’s a 60% failure rate. That is alarming, but I don’t think that the reason that most of those fail is due to the software itself — there is some great MAT software on the market right now. The reason they usually fail is ultimately due to misguided expectations on the part of companies using that software. Here's a quick look at how to set your expectations realistically and set yourself up for success.    more

November 12, 2013  by Chris
What happens to the leads that acrue over time that signed up at one point, but have not been active for a long stretch of time?  Usually, they just sit there taking up space in your database.  Why not build an automated program that will encourage them to re-engage, and if they don't, remove them from your list?   more

November 7, 2013  by Chris
Once you have leads in your marketing automation system, you will want to nurture them through the buying cycle.  I have put together a simple program that illustrates how this can be done by utilizing your content strategy and a marketing automation program.   more

November 4, 2013  by Chris
Nurturing new email subscribers is a big task to do manually, but with marketing automation, we can follow-up with those subscribers and encourage them to take further action and hopefully turn into a good new business lead.   more

October 28, 2013  by Chris
A great automated program for those just starting out with marketing automation is one that sends a series of emails to new clients/customers, helping answer common questions and giving them the opportunity to provide feedback via a survey or testimonial.   more

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