Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.


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October 19, 2012  by Lauren
There are lots of resources at our disposal when it comes to facilitating and managing communication during the web development process. At Newfangled, we've experimented with and researched several tools on the market and even developed our own software to manage internal communication. However, we still find that we most often rely on good, old-fashioned email in the majority of our interactions with clients during the web development process. The trouble with this is that even though email is a familiar tool to the majority of us that we use on a daily basis, we still make careless mistakes with this technology that can cost us valuable relationship equity with our clients...   more

February 14, 2012  by Lauren
I went to college in Charleston, South Carolina and still travel down there on a somewhat frequent basis. About 100 miles from the border of South Carolina, you begin to see billboards for a little place called South of the Border. Actually, it's not little at all. It's a sprawling mass of neon lights, novelty shops, and oversized sculptures of animals that are not—nor have ever been—native to South Carolina. And they are passionate about billboard marketing. Every few miles, there's a new billboard highlighting their world famous miniature golf course or enticing travelers to stop in to take a break and do some shopping. My personal favorite is a billboard featuring an enormous hot dog with the words "You never sausage a place." Classic.   more

September 8, 2011  by Lauren
Because we focus on building long term relationships with our clients, a large part of my job as a project manager involves managing site upgrades and maintenance work for existing clients. Here's an overview of how we handle that process at Newfangled.   more

June 30, 2011  by Lauren
In a recent team meeting, Chris introduced The Two Things concept and asked us to apply it to each of our core disciplines. I was hesitant at first, but soon bought into the idea that at the very least, distilling your knowledge and beliefs about any subject into two statements forces you to really focus on what's important. So here's my contribution to the series of "two things" posts inspired by our discussion with a focus on SEO.   more

April 27, 2011  by Lauren
Thinking about performing usability tests on your website is probably extremely overwhelming. I mean, I was slightly overwhelmed when Chris simply asked me to help him conduct simple usability tests on our own site, and all I had to do was read a scr...   more

March 31, 2011  by Lauren
All websites are works in progress. We should expect to be constantly refining meta titles, adding content, and adjusting calls to action. It's unrealistic to expect to be able to launch a site that is truly a finished product in the sense that it will no longer require any work. However, there is definitely some heavy lifting required at the outset of any web development project that will largely impact a site's success after it goes live.   more

December 16, 2010  by Lauren
McKinney is a full-service advertising agency just down the street in Durham, NC. They redesigned their website in September 2010 in an effort to more prominently feature their body of work and optimize the user experience on mobile/touch devices. The new site looks great and truly provides an "equal opportunity experience" across a wide range of devices.   more

December 3, 2010  by Lauren
We spend a lot of time here at Newfangled talking about SEO. Most of our clients place a high value on getting their website to the first page of search results for keywords pertaining to their industry - and rightly so. In an effort to make this happen, a lot of companies can fall into the trap of creating content whose sole purpose is to attract search engine indexing bots. But when's the last time that a robot bought one of your products or contacted you to learn more about the services you offer? Seriously, tell me your stories if this has happened to you. Because that's totally awesome.   more

October 8, 2010  by Lauren
My dad used to be astonished by the fact that I could walk into any store at the mall and know within minutes if there was anything I was interested in buying. I can't remember how many times I'd walk out of a store after a brief stint only to see the classic, over-exaggerated look of shock on my dad's face. But even in my younger days as a teen shopper, I knew that you don't have to see everything in order to make a value judgment. And the same concept applies to the content on your website.    more

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