Newfangled works with independent agencies to lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to lead development web platforms for their clients.


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March 12, 2014  by Dave
These days, pretty much every site we build has some sort of mobile consideration. In the process, we’ve learned a lot about what makes a mobile browsing experience work. Specifically, we’ve worked pretty hard to make sure our sites are as fast as possible for all users, including those on mobile devices. More so than any particular technical challenge, this has proved to be one of the trickiest aspects of mobile website development, and one that continues to be a constant learning experience for us.   more

February 17, 2014  by Dave
Tracking down and fixing bugs is hard. A non-developer might assume the opposite — if there’s an issue that the client/end user sees, the developer just needs to “go in and fix it.” The reality, though, is that the process of isolating the actual issue that needs correcting can often be rather winding — full of dead ends and false starts.   more

January 21, 2014  by Dave
By standardizing the way that we individually use Git to manage our own work, a system develops which not only is easy to follow across different teams, but also starts to add value to our process in unexpected ways.    more

December 10, 2013  by Dave
Building a parallax-based website to be SEO-friendly and reasonably fast requires some unique work-arounds. We'll take a look at some of them, and look at why, in most cases, they're probably not worth it.    more

November 15, 2013  by Dave
When uploading a file from your computer to a website, the normal process is to use a web server as a 'middleman', to process the uploaded file. DropBox's Core API follows this paradigm. A file is uploaded to your server, which then runs a script to connect, communicate, and transfer files to/from dropbox. Recently I was working on a project where a scriptable back-end server was not practical. Normally, this would preclude using the DropBox (or any) file upload API. Fortunately, the latest generation of browsers include a new function, called FileReader(), which allows for the processing, and subsequent transferring of, file data directly in your browser.   more

June 4, 2013  by Dave
I recently passed my 15-year (!) anniversary here at Newfangled. At 17, right out of high school, I was remarkably lucky to land an internship where I could learn this, um, newfangled web technology.    more

April 6, 2011  by Dave
About a week ago Chris Butler and I were invited to speak about the mobile web at UNC's Wilson Library. Chris shared some thoughts about the state (both current and future) of mobile technology. I followed up with some technical considerations. The first topic I discussed, which I'll cover in this post, was how to deliver the alternate experience. I examined two approaches.   more

June 9, 2010  by Dave
When we recently rolled out our Mobile Suite offering, we saw the culmination of months of work building a solid and customizable set of tools. The trickiest, in some ways, was the addition of a mobile framework to our existing CMS. We had some clear goals and requirements defined from the onset, and the end result provides us with an elegant mix of new and existing development practices. Here's an overview of what we did...   more

February 25, 2010  by Dave
This morning Nolan shared a video, in which Jason Fried from talks about communication and interruption in the workplace. Some key points he mentions are using "passive" communication tools such as email and IM to replace the constant interruption of direct interaction, what he calls "active" communication. I've been thinking a bit about communication in the workplace, and this video reminded me of some issues that concern me.   more

February 15, 2010  by Dave
When fostering a culture of quality assurance, we've traditionally put a lot of focus on test models and breakpoints. Equally important are the daily habits that encourage more thoughtful production. Here are a few of the techniques that I've employed to help me build better websites.   more

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