Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.


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November 2, 2012 
Here are some tips from my point of view as a project manager. I originally put these down as reminders for other PMs out there, but I think they shed light in general on our collaborative site building process...   more

October 2, 2012 
Here I am going to indulge myself, and with language fit for Tarzan, Frankenstein or Tonto, get right to the bottom line about content strategy: "You, write..."   more

July 3, 2012 
Our clients are becoming more and more enthusiastic about using video on their websites. In the past, implementing video was a whole lot trickier than it is today. In fact, thanks to tools like YouTube, just about everything that used to be difficult about working with video has become much simpler...   more

August 25, 2011 
In many cases content creation and then entry is a bigger task for clients than anticipated. We've made these great plans for a site, but then copy has to be written, images chosen, the CMS learned and the content entered, formatted and in many cases related by some method of secondary, suggested navigation. The following list of tips and principles is somewhat specific to the Newfangled CMS and our site build process, but potentially useful for any CMS user at this critical stage in a website project.   more

June 23, 2011 
During prototyping some of the crucial decisions involve planning which site content is freely available and which is considered premium content, requiring some kind of lead form submission. Some content may be further restricted, requiring a user account for access, necessitating decisions about the administration of such accounts. This post is meant to serve as a resource outlining the basic scenarios that we most often encounter when prototyping sites.   more

May 19, 2011 
Using the prototype as a guide for content entry can help minimize disconnects between prototypes and real pages, expectations and results. Here are some familiar disconnects between prototypes and real pages that we should watch out for...   more

April 21, 2011 
Recently I've found a useful new approach to TMS site-review calls with clients: rather than looking a certain areas of interest across the site (for instance, let's say, a sitewide meta title review), we evaluate one key page for certain criteria...   more

December 22, 2010 
To improve SEO, I often advise clients to come up with a manageable list of appropriate search phrases to implement, and to look a few places to help spur ideas. The first step is to be aware of the non-branded search phrases that are already working for a site. Here is the simple way to quickly focus on these keywords.   more

May 25, 2010 
Part of a TMS call last week with CDISC involved some discussion of blog and newsletter formatting, and after the call our diligient client went right to work implementing some suggestions. The improvements to CDICS's on-site newsletter were so quickly implemented that I had to note the progression from our March newsletter (actually focusing on blogs, but applicable to newsletters too), to a TMS call, to live realization...   more

April 9, 2010 
A recent project illustrated just how quickly major architecture changes can be realized in a prototype, allowing the site building team to really see different possibilities and firmly decide on the best options...   more

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