Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.


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April 16, 2014  by Christopher
When was the last time you said “I don't know” in a meeting? Better yet, when was the last time you said it confidently, knowing that this admission was in no way in conflict with your expertise? Probably never...   more

March 31, 2014  by Christopher
We’re all biased. This process is biased. In fact, all usability testing is biased because it tries to synthesize the experience of a user — it’s amazing how difficult it is to reproduce something as trivial as using a webpage in a way that actually helps us make that experience better! So, we’re not going to avoid biases entirely. But it does help to understand some of the core biases...   more

February 24, 2014  by Christopher
Amazon already has your customer in their store. Your customer is already browsing their aisles. Amazon will beat you, not because they have a better store than you, but because they have a bigger store than you. They sell enough things to already have your customer’s attention. It doesn’t matter if they came in to buy socks, if they’re at all likely to buy your thing, Amazon will have an easier time selling it to them because they are already there. So what do we do? Give up? Not just yet...   more

February 11, 2014  by Christopher
A few weeks ago I wrote up a quick explanation of how to test a website in ten minutes. Quick and easy. But did you know that you can test a web page in ten seconds? Believe it. I started doing this after I read a page abandonment study by Jakob Nielsen, and have put together a method you can use right now...   more

January 27, 2014  by Christopher
Last week, Mark and I had the pleasure of speaking at Valuable Content's Bristol Content Group event — virtually! Thanks to the technical wizardry of Sonja and Matt from Desynit, we spoke to a packed crowd in Bristol, UK, from the comfort of our Chapel Hill offices. After reading our article last fall on why "We Don't Build Websites Anymore," Sonja was eager to find a way to present this material to her community and put together the event in pretty short order. Mark and I spent an hour presenting on the lead development ecosystem and the future of web development and then took questions from the crowd. It was a great event, and hopefully a step toward an in-person event in the UK sometime soon. Below is a transcript of my portion of the material...   more

January 16, 2014  by Christopher
Usability testing is the most important thing you can do to… well, really, I think the sentence can end right there. If you are a designer, usability testing puts you in direct contact with users and the information you need to make the right thing the right way...   more

December 17, 2013  by Christopher
Wow, 2013 is just days away from done. Hard to believe. For us, it's been as exciting and action-packed a year as you could imagine. We welcomed new friends to our team, launched some really great new sites, moved into new offices, and are getting ready to welcome a little one into the world (any day now)! Of course, we also shared some good content with you. Below are some of our favorite things that hit the web in 2013...   more

December 12, 2013  by Christopher
There are really only three good reasons to put content on your site. They are: SEO, Lead Development, and Sale. That's it. Content can be for any or all of these purposes, but if it isn't intentionally created and managed for any of them, it's wasted...   more

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