Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Agency Partnership

Newfangled has been partnering with marketing agencies throughout North America to create conversion-focused sites for 18 years. 

We love independent agencies.

We find that our culture, offerings, and expertise are all a very good fit for the independent agency. It is also our belief that they are the ones doing today's most important and impactful marketing work. We have found that independent agencies are more agile, more focused, more resourceful, more connected with their employees, and more connected with their clients than big agencies tend to be. 

We tend to have very close and personal relationships with our agency partners, and I (Mark) highly value my relationships with the principals of our agency partners. If you own a small agency and are interested in getting to know us better, let's talk.

Sites for Your Clients

Most of the sites we work on in partnership with agencies are for their clients, and those budgets are typically in the $50 - 100k range, although some highly complex sites can cost much more than that. In addition to building sites with agencies for their clients, we also build sites for agencies themselves. 

How We Partner With You

We've been partnering with agencies for almost two decades, and our relationship with you is paramount. Once you introduce us to a client or prospect, the only way they can work with us on the project is through you. We work with your clients the way you want us to work with your clients. 

When partnering with agencies on site builds for their clients, we typically give our quote to the agency directly, the agency wraps it up into their quote to the client, and we then bill the agency in stages for the project payment. 

Newfangled agencies sell more.

Since Newfangled's conversion-focused approach is so unique and compelling, many agencies involve us in their business development efforts. Agencies that include us in their sales process close a very high percentage of those jobs. We find that once your client sees our detailed visitor tracking, CRM integration, Marketing Automation capabilities, and approach to responsive mobile design, they develop a much deeper understanding of how their website can work for them as a marketing platform, and that tends to lead to bigger budgets and the opportunity for both Newfangled and the agency to do much more impactful work for the client. 

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