Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

FIG I. Does your firm have a social media strategy?

64 respondents described their social media strategy in more detail:

By using twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn we stay in touch with peers and prospects, share ideas, feedback and give advice.

Share great content to build awareness, make connections, engage prospective clients and referrers. Be human!

Defined time per week based on employee role

The firm’s vision is to become known as a national leader in healthcare and educations sectors. The plan to achieve this involves: Brand Awareness. 
Raise awareness for the Signals brand by encouraging our friends and colleagues to advocate on our behalf.

# Mentions, #Speaking engagements

 Increase website traffic.

Traffic does not equal traffic. The goal is to get visitors to our site who actually care about what we offer and will want to be there.

# Mentions

 Improve Search Engine Rankings.

Build up your search presence by utilizing various platforms including, local listings and maps, news, review sites, social media, etc

Own keywords; Knowledge Translation, Healthcare Campaigns
 Generate Leads.

The economic value of micro-conversions is routinely 3 to 4 times the macro-conversion.

# Newsletter Signups, Twitter followers, LinkedIn Connections

 Deepen relationships with the people we work with.

Become recognized as thought-leaders and build up the website and Signals’s authority and trust, both on and off-site.

# Lunch & Learns, # Interviews

Keep blog, Facebook and twitter feeds up to date.

Be present/visible according to identified themes and targeted prospects.

diverse content used across many platforms

We use social media to drive traffic to our website, to position our firm as thought leaders and to engage with peers, potential clients and influentials.

Use Twitter, FB as key drivers to site traffic

We are active on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn. When we post to the blog, we post links on the social channels. We use HubSpot to track our social activity, and Sprout Social to automate posts to Twitter. We schedule out posts in twitter to repeat, whether links to our blog or website, or links to articles we find, in Sprout Social.

Daily posting on LinkedIn and Facebook. Developing content for a Blog, updating our website monthly, monthly/quarterly e-newsletter.

Content share through Twitter and FB


We author two blogs on marketing topics, are active on Facebook and Twitter

Be visible in our target industries with a point of view.

post directly to facebook biz page, have it feed to twitter, then post directly on twitter and others when appropriate

demonstrate familiarity/expertise

Our strategy is to demonstrate our expertise via LinkedIn groups within our vertical markets of focus by sharing our content and participating in discussions. We use facebook to promote our expertise-oriented content and to share the culture of our agency to prospective employees. We use twitter primarily as a tool to distribute our content.

Blog, twitter, facebook, pinterest

publish content related to our expertise, drive traffic back to our website. engage with followers and conversations around our expertise.

Use Twitter, Facebook, Linked In to promote blog posts and new project announcements on website. Use Pinterest to show work.

Build awareness of the firm; inform about PR and social media

I use Twitter to brand my abilities.

Provide value added content to our client base. Engage and encourage clients and others in our industry. Actively Anticipate in conversations around nonprofit and cause communications.

We are still figuring out HootSuite and post automation.

Drive to web site

We're working on improving it.

Interval based Twitter, Facebook and Blogging. Mix of business, industry and personal news and insights.

It is in its infancy. I blog, I tweet. We use Facebook for office culture. We do friday facts, and the company twitter promotes. This survey is like a list of all my unfinished tasks. It is a little depressing.... joking, but much truth here.

We are working on a new website. (Not flash). Plan to SEO, blog and keep current with news, articles and case studies.

blog, tweet, active website content

Individuals active on Twitter for industry awareness (representing closerlook) and FB as a company for employee recruiting. LinkedIn for cross-linking thought leadership into industry groups.

We currently use FB... Are creating a new site built as an interface w FB and will be integrated w blog content. In the past we have had a robust site. The past two years have been too busy for anyone to focus on this as we are understaffed.

To promote what's happening in the company and industry

Distribution of original and industry related content that friends, followers, and others will find interesting. Regular, daily distribution, multiple times per day. We also monitor and actively engage with comments, tweets, etc.

We use Facebook and Twitter to tell our philosophy, attitude and present us as thought leaders

we update facebook, linked in and twitter regularly

More of a philosophy than detailed plan

We focus on Twitter for inspiration/information, and to develop relationships. This has helped us create partnerships with 2 international agencies.

We've defined the purposes of each outlet and regularly contribute to each.

Without giving our secret sauce away, we strive to remain thought leaders in what's going on, and what's hot primarily with youth culture. Its what we do and know.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are all integrated with the agency's Blog, which is updated bi-weekly. We use the immediacy of social media to reach our to prospect employees, vendors and clients.

Engage customers

We use Facebook and our Blog to modernize our persona and strengthen perception of the firm as local marketing thought leaders.

We use social media to carry out a personality. We focus on showing people that we love what we do and that we have a unique way of handling stuff.

Facebook, Twitter integration

Repost articles

Facebook Only

We use facebook and twitter to drive people to our site portfolio and blog.

Keep the content fresh and keep people interested in the process, not so much us.

Consistent posting of useful content with mentions to twitter & Linkedin

Use SM to engage,inform prospects and referrers about our expertise, and position our firm as experts in our area.

It does, but it is dormant. I have a Facebook page that still needs to be developed, I'm on LinkedIn, but don't spend much time there, and I only use Twitter to consume content.

We tweet our blog posts each week. We try to tweet an interesting blog/article each day and team contribute to team twitter account. I network and sell through Linkedin. Not exactly what you'd call a 'strategy' though.

Dedicated blog, twitter and Facebook posts.

We use twitter and facebook, to promote our blog pos content and comment on events we've attended.

dedicated channels for comms - twitter / Facebook / pinterest

Hub-and-spoke, being true to our brand mission and USPs.

We share industry news, information about local events and strategic partners as well as offer "calls to action" such as signing up for webinars. We roll out a specific campaign or offering at least once a year.

We work with a content management/social media partner who engages prospects on Twitter, FB, and through our email campaigns.

Sharing expertise and showing work as its done

Strategy based on individual channels and goals with editorial calendar for postings/events and weekly meetings to review engagement numbers.

We organise a yearly event called Maroc Web Awards

1. Content is generated through blogging, white papers, case studies, presentations and updating website 2. As new content is developed it is shared through twitter, and company linkedin profiles. 3. Content is accumulated quarterly and sent out through e-newsletters and tweeted about.

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