Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.


We develop all of our sites using open source-based content management systems including WordPress, Drupal, and NewfangledCMS. 

One of the reasons our clients find the sites we build so easy to use is that  we custom build each site based on your business logic, which we help you define. There are no pre-defined templates. When you edit a page's content, the fields fit the way you think about that content, not the way a generic template says you should think about it. With a Newfangled site, you will be able to freely edit all of the site content, imagery, documents, videos, and sub-navigational pages.


Even though we are very happy to develop sites in Drupal and WordPress, most of our clients choose to have us build their site using NewfangledCMS. Since we've used NewfangledCMS to build many hundreds of sites over the past 13 years, it has evolved to very closely embody our conversion-focused perspective. 

Because of that, NewfangledCMS is much more of a conversion management system than a content management system. The highly detailed tracking systems we have, our intelligent related content tool, and our Smart Search technology (which you can check out by using the search bar on the top of this page) are all standard functional elements which combine to facilitate the site's need to attract, inform, and engage prospects. If you're interested in learning more about our conversion management system, take a look at the video, or, let's talk.

Technology & Licensing

The content management systems we use are built on the L.A.M.P. (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack. This is the most popular platform for database-driven sites, and has been for many years.

We aren't interested in being in the business of holding our clients hostage. At any time during your relationship with us you can take the full source code and website with you should you decide that Newfangled isn't the right company for you.

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