Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

The Benefits of Social Media

The benefits of social media

One thing that any social media web community needs is members. Members are the commodity of social media websites. The more members, the more value--not just to the site owners, but to the community itself. In fact there is a critical mass to a social media site. Without enough members the site has virtually no value. But as the community grows, its value increases exponentially. If a community only has a few dozen members there is not enough content to make the site compelling. Also, without enough people a community will not be self-correcting. James Surowieki does a fantastic job in his book, The Wisdom of Crowds, in describing how crowds (as long as they maintain decentralization, diversity, and independence) come up with better answers and more accurate analysis than even the most qualified experts would provide on their own. One reason is that a large, diverse group will tend to corroborate correct information while canceling out errors. It's why Wikipedia works.

Well populated social networks are have all the characteristics of a wise crowd. pulls together the collaborative judgment of millions of people thus categorizing and ranking the sites among billions.

The benefits of a social media website is found in the connections that get drawn between those that participate. Connecting people, recommending resources, identifying expertise, and distributing content are all benefits to those who participate in and use these sites.


Likesage | June 24, 2014 4:36 PM
Yes. Great articles. Facebook is a free tool to use in Website ranking. Google also consider social signals when ranking websites.
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Internet Marketing | August 10, 2012 12:41 AM
The future of social media offers many exciting, new opportunities for businesses to interact with their customers. Going forward, it's paramount for your business to integrate social media into your overall customer service experience. When your business is focused on creating positive brand experiences, it can lead to insights that have an impact on all of your customers. And most importantly, it builds trust. Your customers will see that you have their best interest in mind, and that added value for your business.
trishia hope | August 10, 2012 12:40 AM
The benefits of social media give businesses a new way to interact with customers. It's no longer enough that a strong marketing initiative will turn consumers into customers. Your business needs to create strategies that link the customer experience with the technologies and systems required to deliver the right content at the right time. If brands want to stay relevant in the digital era, they have no choice but to adapt.
sugam kumar | June 30, 2012 1:29 AM
This is a great post about social media. At most, I have learnt some useful tips and current facts that I didn't know. Thanks for posting.

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