Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Advertising Agency Client Extranets

Newfangled's Client Manager is an agency specific extranet. Extranets are password-protected websites that enable communication and the distribution of information within a specific group of business partners. The Client Manager extranet was created to facilitate the transfer of information between an agency and their clients. Because agencies and designers communicate in a visual medium, the web is an ideal venue for presenting works in progress.

Why Use Client Manager?

Newfangled's Client Manager facilitates communication by providing easy and central access to project information. Everyone involved in a project is able to log into the system from anywhere to access up to date content, avoiding the problems that result from people referring to outdated information. In the absence of an extranet, project information is generally sent over the Internet as email attachments. This method is problematic. For example, attachments sometimes fail to transfer. Additionally, individuals access email at specific workstations, limiting access to the information among a broader group. Furthermore if a sender fails to CC all relevant parties, critical information might be overlooked. These problems can be solved through using a centralized web-based source for sharing and communicating information. For example, posting project specific information to a web-based extranet system allows clients and internal agency staff to access that information from anywhere in the world. Another advantage of using a web-based system is that all items added to the Client Manager are kept together in one place, creating a comprehensive record of a project that can be reviewed at any time by the agency or the client.

With the Client Manager, you can create and maintain password protected web pages for each of your clients. These pages include contact information, documents (such as proposals, research, excel files, etc.), layouts, project schedules.

The Client Manager was originally developed for our own use in providing project information to our clients. Over time we have added more capabilities to the system and have made it available to our agency partners. While we initially built Client Manager for website projects, we have kept the structure generic enough to be useful for any type of agency project.


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