Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Advanced Gmail Tools and Settings

Advanced Gmail Settings and Add-Ons

Under the setting tab in Gmail you'll find lots of advanced options and tools. You can set up filters to handle certain kinds of email messages based on their sender or content. You can turn off some of the optional elements like Web Clips (which are like contextual news).

You can also configure Gmail to pull email from multiple email accounts. I've set my email accounts to just re-direct all my email to my Gmail account. Another option is to use IMAP. IMAP synchs your Gmail with another email account allowing you to maintain your email in more than one place. When I first started using Gmail I had my email re-direct from my old email box but kept a copy in my old account too. Occasionally, I would download my email into Outlook so I'd have it in two places--just in case. I turned that off after awhile. I've had no problems with Gmail; it's been very dependable. I no longer feel the need to have a "backup" to Gmail.

I've also added a few Firefox add-ons to Gmail. One is called "Better GMail". It adds attachment indicator icons to my messages. It also adds an icon that, when clicked, pulls up every email I've ever sent or received from the person who sent the email.

Recently, I've added the "Remember The Milk" task manager to my Gmail page. This is a simple to-do list application that sits right next to my Gmail inbox. There are many other Gmail add-ons (especially for Firefox). Lifehacker has a good list of some of the most popular.

Email Improvement

If I've convinced you to give Gmail a try, be sure to adjust the "Send mail as" setting under the "Accounts" tab in "Settings." Your outbound email ought to show your professional email address that uses your company's domain. Just add your official email address to the "Send mail as" option and all the outbound email from Gmail will carry your official business email address for the "sent from" and "reply to" addresses.

Considering how important email is to our daily lives, and how much time we spend using it, a better, more efficient approach is welcome. There are quantifiable efficiencies to be gained by using Gmail, so it's well worth the transition time. So go ahead, make the jump to Gmail. Give it a few days and you'll never go back.


Lukeither Willingham | August 13, 2008 3:52 PM
Eric, I'm a web designer and needed to locate details about Gmail for a client. Although, I've had my Gmail account for a few years, I had no idea how effeciently it allows you to manage your business.

I love the search feature and archive features.
Jane | March 2, 2008 10:43 AM
I've been using GMail (or 'GoogleMail' as we have to say in the UK. Sigh.) for about six months and I think it's great, too.

Interested to hear that you don't use Labels, Eric; that you just archive or delete. Hmm...

With my poor Teflon brain ('nothing sticks' :-) ) I could come a cropper there. But I can see how just archiving some emails would be an advantage.

So I don't think I'll be going back to Mail or trying Entourage.

Don't get on with Google Docs so much, though.
Justin | February 13, 2008 4:21 PM
Curse you, Eric! You persuaded me to use Then you lured me into trying Google docs. Now...I' Can't...resist.
Chris | February 1, 2008 4:02 PM
I also noticed today that if you receive an email that refers to a shipment and tracking number, Gmail will display a link to track that package in the sidebar (see below):

Chris | January 31, 2008 9:15 AM
I think the privacy concern is at least valid, especially considering that Google didn't exactly inspire the privacy cognoscenti with confidence after their dealings with the Chinese government. However, I am hopeful that as U.S. government policy begins to solidify in regard to issues of online privacy, Google will fall in line.

On that note, here's a link to an article discussing former Democratic candidate Chris Dodd's challenge to Google to be leaders in privacy.
Dobes | January 31, 2008 1:21 AM
Actually, they have added a 'Delete' button a long time ago.

However, I don't think that this conspiracy theory about Google collecting data for future marketing campaigns holds much water.

First, it applies to ANY web-based email - including MSN Hotmail!, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, and so on.

Not only that, but it ALSO applies to offline mail. For example, ISPs could archive all the mail that goes through their servers.

Public companies are now required to archive emails for many years for legal purposes, and it's possible they'd sell those email databases off to spammers and data miners if they went out of business.

So, the truth is that if you don't want your email to be archived and used for marketing purposes, you'd better just stop using email! Or, only use encrypted email.

Jeanine | January 30, 2008 10:52 PM
What about the issue of Gmail archiving email?

Ostesnibly because they are planning some type of targeted advertising based on the content of the email.

The archiving is supposed to be anonymous, but if/when the storm troopers show up at their door, I think many people may find out that things weren't so anonymous after all.

And as many media stars and politicians have found out, even the most innocent statements can be taken out of context and used against you.

I do personally will not conduct business with people over Gmail and also tell my clients not to.
Russell Blanc | January 30, 2008 8:40 PM
Hi Eric. You sold me. I have been using Yahoo email from the inception, but I am tired of the lousy spam filters...

You really sold me on the fact that I have many websites and many emails and I have been looking (unsuccessfully) how to manage all those email inboxes. I think GMail has a solution so you say.

I will give them a try. Thanks. Nice article.

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